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Dienstag, 15. März. 2011 09:08 Alter: 9 Monat(e)

The Kingdom by the Sea


<h3>Robert Westall</h3>

London. An air raid during the Second World War. Harry makes a run for the shelter in the garden. Soon after a bomb destroys his home and family.
When the rescue people find him and lead him away to a centre, Harry realizes that he is alone in the world and that they will send him to his Cousin Elsie. Now, Cousin Elsie seems more awful than death itself to Harry. So taking the rescue people by surprise, Harry runs away. And he must keep running for a long time to stay free.
But life in The Kingdom by the Sea is hard. Harry's only friend is a stray dog. He meets all kinds of people, some of them nice, some of them mean or even dangerous and Harry has to fight for his survival.
But there is one last battle Harry is not prepared for ...